Chiles Valley in Napa

A Hidden Gem in Chiles Valley

The Lesser-Known Chiles Valley

Chiles Valley, located in the northern part of Napa County, is a distinctive sub-appellation within the renowned Napa Valley AVA. It gained official recognition as an American Viticultural Appellation in 1999, thanks to Volker Eisele, owner of Volker Eisele Vineyard and Winery, who championed its unique terroir and winemaking potential.

Nestled on the eastern side of the Vaca mountain range, Chiles Valley sets itself apart from the typical Napa Valley landscape. It’s a slender, elevated valley characterized by vineyards that outnumber wineries. The volcanic soils here play a significant role in shaping the wines’ character.

Chiles Valley is completely surrounded by mountains, creating a distinct microclimate. While the elevation provides a cooling influence, the valley’s natural layout can sometimes trap heat, resulting in occasional hot conditions. While it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact taste profile of Chiles Valley wines, as much of the fruit is blended into larger Napa Valley cuvees, the limited wines exclusively from Chiles Valley offer a unique balance of intense flavors and remarkable elegance. This delicate equilibrium arises from the extended growing season influenced by the valley’s elevated position.

Chiles Valley remains an intriguing and lesser-known corner of the Napa Valley AVA, offering wines that showcase the region’s distinctive terroir and the winemakers’ skillful craftsmanship. Explore the hidden treasures of Chiles Valley and savor the unique flavors from this extraordinary terroir.

Maxville Winery

Maxville Winery

A 15-minute drive from Silverado trail, nestled within the scenic Chiles Valley appellation, Maxville Winery has emerged as a hidden gem. With a rich history, passionate owners, and a commitment to crafting exceptional wines, Maxville Winery offers a distinctive journey through the world of Chiles Valley wines.

Proprietors Jean, Celia & Jeff make all their wines at Maxville using our state-of-the-art equipment. The head winemaker Bastien Lucas, has worked under Jean for the last 12 years as his assistant winemaker for Alpha Omega, AXR, Denali & the Debate.

A Vision for the Future

Maxville Winery’s story began in 2014 when the current owner, in partnership with a visionary partner, acquired the property. Situated on 1,000 acres of pristine land, previously a summer camp for many years, the property held immense potential. The family planted grapes in 1974, crafting wine under the label Rancho Catacula. Recognizing the opportunity to rejuvenate the estate, the owner envisioned a modern winery experience on this piece of the Chiles Valley appellation.

A Passionate Pursuit

Maxville Winery embarked on its journey, driven by an unyielding passion for Chiles Valley wines and a desire to elevate the region’s recognition. Despite limited wine industry experience, the owner and team dove headfirst into creating a unique and compelling brand. Their dedication to showcasing Chiles Valley wines and curating exceptional experiences fueled the winery’s remarkable success.

A World of Unparalleled Experiences

What sets Maxville Winery apart is its multifaceted approach to providing guests with a comprehensive and unforgettable experience. Beyond wine tastings, the winery boasts an art gallery, breathtaking views of a 40-acre lake, a full commercial kitchen, charming rental homes, extensive 23,000 square feet of caves, and soon-to-come Airstream trailer glamping. It is a haven for those seeking the ultimate escape from everyday life.

A Journey Through the Senses

Visitors to Maxville Winery can expect a diverse range of wine-tasting experiences. Alongside the traditional tastings, guests can enjoy vineyard tours in a retro hummer, indulge in food and wine pairings, explore the caves, participate in cheese-making classes, engage in wine blending sessions, and even embark on scenic hikes across the property. The winery’s dedication to customization ensures that each visitor’s desires and preferences are met with unparalleled hospitality.

Overcoming Challenges through Collaboration

Maxville Winery faced transportation challenges due to its offbeat location. Yet, they conquered this hurdle by collaborating with neighboring wineries and organizing day trips. Working together with industry peers ensures seamless access for guests.

Welcoming Wine Enthusiasts

Maxville Winery welcomes a diverse clientele, from wine connoisseurs to newcomers. They focus on brand recognition and sharing Chiles Valley’s untold story. Guests come to savor exceptional wines, unique experiences, and discover this lesser-known appellation.

The Vision

Maxville Winery’s vision includes establishing their label as a national and international brand. They export a significant portion of their wine to China and plan to create an exclusive Maxville Estate label for club members and a top-tier label named AEON. With a remarkable winemaking team, including Jean Hoefliger, Celia Welch, and Jeff Owens, they craft memorable wines.

In Chiles Valley’s heart, Maxville Winery’s passion, commitment to quality, and dedication to unique experiences make them a true gem. Explore the road less traveled and journey to Maxville Winery to immerse yourself in Chiles Valley’s exceptional flavors and unforgettable moments.

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